5 Tips for Supporting a Mobile Freezer on Super Hot Days

A mobile freezer can be an ideal way to keep food cold at an outdoor event, but during the summer, the blistering heat can affect the freezer. To support the functioning of the mobile freezer, you may want to take these tips into account.

1. Be Strategic About Entering and Exiting the Freezer

Even the most efficient mobile freezers on the market are affected when you go in and out of the door. Keep in mind that every time you open that door, a blast of hot air gets into the freezer. To minimise that effect, try to be strategic about when you go in the freezer.

For example, set up a protocol that anyone who enters the freezer asks everyone else if they need something. When you consolidate several trips into the freezer into a single trip, that reduces the number of times you open that door during the day.

2. Ask for PVC Strip Curtains

Another way to reduce the amount of heat that gets into the cooler is with PVC strips. These are basically overlapping strips of plastic that hang over the door. When someone is going in and out of the door, the mobile freezer stays insulated. Ask the hire company if they can provide a freezer outfitted with these types of strips.

3. Position the Freezer in Shade

Although it's certainly not necessary for the functioning of the mobile freezer, you may want to position it in the shade. Under a shady tree or in the shade of a building is an idea, or you can use a canopy if you like.

This reduces the air temperatures around the freezer, and that in turn alleviates some of the pressure from the condenser. This is especially important if you want to reduce the power you use for the unit.

4. Keep Heat-Producing Equipment Away From the Freezer

In that same vein, you may want to keep heat-producing equipment away from the freezer. For instance, if you have cooking equipment for the event or even blowers for inflatables, you may want to position all of that stuff so that it is not flush with the rest of the sides of the mobile freezer.

5. Put Cool Items In the Freezer

Finally, another way to help out the mobile freezer is by putting cold stuff in there. For instance, you may want to bring items from the freezer at your restaurant or catering office and put them in the mobile freezer as soon as possible. If you require the freezer to freeze things that are at room temperature, it is forced to work harder. The relatively warm items also drive up the internal temperature of the freezer.

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