Two steps that cafe owners can take to keep their coffee machines in good condition

Cafe owners tend to be heavily reliant on their coffee machines. As such, it makes sense for this type of business owner to take certain steps to ensure that this particular appliance remains in good condition. Here are two such steps.

Get the machine serviced regularly

Like most electrical appliances, a coffee machine needs to be serviced on a regular basis. A typical servicing will include a thorough inspection of the appliance, during which the machine will be taken apart so that all of its components can be examined and, where necessary, repaired or replaced.

If the coffee machine is used in a cafe which is located in an area with hard water, the person carrying out the servicing will also usually de-scale the entire appliance.This is an extremely important part of the servicing process, as the removal of limescale build-up can drastically improve a coffee machine's performance.

Many Expobar coffee machines, for example, have boilers which are made from copper. The reason for this is that copper is an excellent heat conductor; as such, copper boilers can heat up water very efficiently. This efficiency not only reduces running costs (as it takes very little time and electricity to boil a cup of water) but also ensures that customers do not have to wait very long for their coffees to be made.

However, if a cafe owner has a coffee machine of this kind and their premises is located in a hard water area, the machine's copper boiler will eventually end up covered in limescale. This component's conductivity may be affected to such an extent that it can no longer heat up water at its usual speed. This, in turn, could affect the cafe owner's ability to prepare cups of coffee for their customers in a quick and efficient manner.

The de-scaling process which is carried out during a typical servicing can prevent this type of problem from arising and thus help to keep the cafe owner's running costs down and enable them to deliver excellent customer service.

Watch out for the early warning signs of faults

If a cafe owner wants to keep their coffee machine in good working order, they should check it regularly for early warning signs of faults.

Regular inspections will provide them with the opportunity to spot and rectify minor defects before they evolve into much more serious problems that could have a negative impact on the performance of the machine or shorten its lifespan.

For example, if during one of their routine inspections of their coffee machine, they notice that its steam valve has developed a small leak, they can arrange for a repair person to fix the leak before it does any damage to the rest of the appliance.

Conversely, if they fail to notice this leak because they have decided not to bother performing regular checks, the water seeping out of the steam valve could, over time, destroy the coffee machine's electrical components and render the appliance useless.