Signs Your Sewing Machine Is Facing Impending Repairs

If you find that you keep experiencing the same problems with your sewing machine repeatedly, it could be an indicator of a larger underlying issue that would need to be addressed professionally through a place like does Singer sewing machine repairs in Sydney. It should be noted that the servicing of your sewing machine is essential, and this should be scheduled based on the amount of use that it is exposed to. Read on to find out the signs to look out for that would indicate your sewing machine is facing impending repairs and would need immediate servicing.

Your sewing machine needle acquires damage consistently

A needle that keeps bending or breaking in its entirety can make your sewing experience quite frustrating. Nevertheless, this is an issue you will have to contend with occasionally, as there are several reasons why needles become prone to damage. One of the more common causes of this damage is if you are using the wrong needle either in the machine or for the sewing project. Conversely, the needle may also break if it has been threaded too tightly, causing the needle to keep hitting pins. Needles may also break if thread and lint have accumulated inside the sewing machine, which would cause its sensors to misread the thickness of the thread that you are using. It would be advisable to seek a tune up for your sewing machine.

Your upper sewing thread jams consistently

Another frustrating problem to experience when sewing, is the constant jamming of the thread, which could have an adverse effect on your stitches. The first thing to do would be to ascertain that the size of your needle, the thickness of the thread and the fabric being sewn work well together. If this is not the cause of the problem, you should check your spool cap. Small spool caps leave little wiggle room for the thread, making it susceptible to jamming and breaking. If your spool cap has never given you a problem before, then it is likely that the internal mechanics of the sewing machine need to be attended to by a professional technician.

Your sewing machine is making strange noises consistently

When working in optimum condition, your sewing machine is supposed to emit a barely audible purr that is soothing to the ears. If proper maintenance is not carried out, you may start to hear strange noises such as grinding, banding and even screeching. There are a couple of reasons why these sounds would come about. Firstly, there is gunk accumulating inside the sewing machine. Secondly, some components may have become loose over time and require tightening. A professional tune up would not only clean the inside of your appliance, but the moving parts will also be tightened and lubricated as needed.